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Pousada Recanto dos Leões

Address: 8 Street, Q.c L.11 - Chapada do Taquaral

The hotel offers a family environment with tranquility and relaxation for its guests.

Pousada Recanto dos Leões is located a bit away from the historic center, where the majority of visitors stay. This location offers the possibility for the complete tranquility that Pirenópolis has.

Run by a family who also lives there, the hotel offers rest, peace, contemplation of nature, and freedom.


The property is surrounded by intense nature. It is next to a permanent reserve, as well as a beautiful hill overlooking the area.

It is the ideal environment for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.


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Hotel Address: 8 Street, Q.c L.11 - Chapada do Taquaral

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